god’s great empty hands 

All that there was in God’s Great empty hands
is gone now,

his hand has been played.

So, what once was

is now, the more still

conducive to captivity.

And we, so drunken on despair

play the nothing-card of apathy.

What you were

is all you will be.

We are trapped in a circle of lethargy.

And what we say was said already. 

Played in God’s Great empty hand.

I think he laid them

down like paws 

of gentle tigers growing wise.

But he won with that hand

against all odds, and we 

the losers, pay the price

of never caring or

fully realizing

the potential inherent in foreign things.

Faithful only to ourselves,

we do not care about each other.

We only feign understanding.


copyright: C. Ward 2006


7 thoughts on “god’s great empty hands 

    1. I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or what but I’m just like dark and sarcastic I’m bipolar but I’m just very blasé I guess. Okay I have been writing this poem for 4 days because people are always in my face… And I got to the middle of your poem yesterday and then I was like shit I have to keep working on mine. And now you have another one! I’m trying to feed 250 orphans this week and actually my friend Josh was doing it but he’s suddenly gone for the past two weeks off of the internet so I took it over… I’m totally overwhelmed.

      Liked by 1 person

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