this nonsense:

a reality, opted for, of nothing

but blatantly

  false allegiances.

“Friendship Mob Rules.”


is thinner than water.

Your friends are your family in the end.
All humans are born equally.

Blood-ties imply inequality.

The luckiest man alive

is he

who knows true friendship–so

choose your family carefully.
I thought i had a family (again)

 just the other day, hahaaa.

Now they’re gone; lost upon the lateral, and

slowly dripped out–one, after one–

Mob Mentality tested their Faith. And They

were a weak pack. of mice.
You know what, fuck it,

I’m just going to say it–

I finally get it–

the Fear of some to come forward after

a rape, abuse, or other victimization:

  because it makes them into a fucking victim.

And even though they’ve done

Nothing wrong, and some horriblehorrible unjust shit

was done to [you]

applied upon you

it doesn’t stop there. 
-YOU- become the leper.

The freak: because you never considered

that there would be cowards,

to cower from truths…

Why would there be?

Aren’t truths to be told?
So I guess there’s a very 


between the appearance of what

one experiences as absolute truth

when they re-tell it,

and the look of total bullshit.

Whatever. It’s ignorant.

It’s pack–mentality: primitive/intolerant.
No one questions your “Friendship Mob Mentality.”

because there are many of you. 

and one of me.


forget the primitive collective aim in the backdrop to

maintain the group dynamic

for security purposes. for safety.

But there is none;

it is ridiculous, at best, to try.
But I know I am right.

And so do you.

Yet none of it matters:

all that anyone sees when they 

look at me and they always 

look at me

is their own disasters smeared 

across a walking canvas.

It is not my history that is being seen.

It is some vile shit being stuck to me.
And here’s the punchline: 

everyone says to me

“Let it go” “Let it go”

but -it- won’t let go of -me-.

I have. I am completely

removed from those premises; 

But to say that a person does

not deserve


……that is an injustice.

When something happens that drags them

  around by the hair

nearly everywhere to throw some 

“thing” upon them….

 THAT is the -real- injustice

And then when you tell someone 

to “Let it go” when this is happening
…just let it go. they know

 they know. you

 are uninformed and that is how:

 this whole thing started.


copyright: C. Ward 2016 



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