Appositive arrangement 

Pleased to smash these frames of 


we must expose the image, framed—

the picture in question, to allow

   the collection of sentiments

                 to run

and fall from head,

one seed by one—like balls of lint

    from cotton sleeves,

to fester and fold

and take control the situation.

Disconnect the conglomeration of rampant

 freedoms crashed dead into walls.

Let them go:

  unhand them.

Seed by seed and grain by grain,

 pleased to set these inklings free.

Pleased to let them

     cover me  in blankets reminiscent of 

dandelion sheet; blankets like 

the twitching 

feathers of sleep

which overthrow my constructed Dismay,

    my culminated abomination. 

Toward everything ‘good’

and ‘right’ and ‘Holy.

And reconstructs the banks of my mind,

 patching them up and rearranging

  the sides, the lines that hold these thoughts in sequence.

I am, in sleep,

incongruous to me.

I become subverted

 by my theories reconstructed into   

 New equations, which,

    in sum,

Are the antithesis of my waking equivalence.

 The inside-out 

   of my usual persistence.


copyright: C. Ward 2016


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