ever if i never

​ever if i never

This is the stuff of diagonal 

blisses, the

impetus for woebegone wishes and lack-

luster languish for yesteryear.


Of all 


  the things


    I   never   thought


I never dreamed

you’d be left, forgotten;

Silhouette on the mountain-top.


Wind in the wheat.

A shadow on the street somewhere.

A street I’ll never see.


You have gone the way

of were-wolves and vagabonds and ocean fishes.

Vampire tales and (paper)

trails of murderers

got away, unscathed.


Let me just say

I miss your “hellos”s

And I miss your “good-bye”s


If ever I never

find the street on which you’re standing,



just want


tell you I’m with you:

I know you.

You have never gone away.




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