I’m constantly blocking out the sound of the street:
the illiterate, out of patience,

broken-English-understanding of the car-beep.

I’m awake all the time when others are asleep

just for the silence

the silence there be.

Why does it only last for so long?

Why are we only

“in order”

in a state of unconscious slumber, that is

looked upon as ‘out-of-order?’

I’ll break the order of your mother-fucking border!

Try to break my world

into pieces.

I’ll show you some unruly behavior.

I like my planet whole.

I like my street-noise

-devoid- of race-wars

buffered down to passive-aggression.

Let’s go into covered wagons

and sing a song

that’s suitable for children

at a decibel that can emanate from 

an organic body

while walking down the street today.



copyright: C. Ward 2016


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