to shop

NOT to attempt/

to force yourself into someone’s life of


(because) you were ‘called into question’

on your legitimacy

10,000,000,000 and 1 times.

And that’s 1x too many;

So you believed you believed—

And -that- if ANYTHING

Is the one crazy thing that I can point out 

so far, aside from the questioning of another’s legitimacy,


who the fuck are these authorities?

Little green-eyed monsters afraid

(probably) of the change 

in your alien potential they see?


I guess you’re a foreign object,


But can they see?

It’s a mystery.

And -that- is why

your reality now when linked up with others

is a blooming garden, wild, ripe

w/ medicinal and poisonous wildplants:

a lot of them look the same.

It’s not just you—they grow that way

to mimick one another.

Now -this- is lunacy.

This is to fear:

Mimicking qualities to resemble ‘normalcy.’

Not the unknown possibilities 

of mystery.

And if something is different

it is looked at as subversive

because a lot of people

are insecure in their mimicry.

Most are, in fact.

So they’ll call you insane.

And make -you-


your entire way of thinking/doing

because they do not want change—

just complacency.


the majority of society prefers


It does not understand movement.

This obviously happened/is happening to me.

And all of the poisonous

mimickries leave.

The ones that stayed long:

Poisoned me. But you

have to give them the entrance 

ticket fee to allow them

in so they can do that.

It’s not like I was rolling around in the dirt

or eating vibrant, wild-berries.

I just held on to a bland,

poison-ivy tree

for so long that I

developed the allergy.

Then I lived

covered in scabs, willingly,

for too long,

unable to scratch—

just because I was told I was 


and that I needed to change:


That is so funny.

Society needs to go shopping.

I’ll take you, if you need a ride.


copyright: C. Ward 2016


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