Foreign objects are always trying to get in—

they like it beneath the skin.

There are enough toxins (already) released with-

-out- the interference of objects.

They mess up the PH balance.

There’s something always ‘there’

   for you


  a starving grizzly in a cave

   waiting for its prey (whatever that may be)

External forces devouring our guts. 

As if there 

aren’t enough

Natural Disasters

devouring beneath our skin.

“Let me in! Let me in! Let me in!”

They are literally parasites

looking for linings:

These foreign objects come a’ knockin,’ to

 get inside your skin.

I’ll say it straight up:

 Satanic shape-shifters; only devils

are this cunning:

They enter benign, malicious, determined…

some soap for money,

a tik for blood, 

a lover for love, a leader for ‘gov,’

Get out. Get out. Get out. Get out.

Don’t let what is with   out

 crawl up  with in

and milk upon you: backwards.

It is an unhealthy thing.

It is a backwards birth.

You are the prey in the corner of the cave

and the grizzly’s growling in.

It is a baby trying to live inside of you

and take half of everything

against your will—

these external objects, looking

for a lining

Sometimes, it’s just a little thing.

When a splinter gets under the skin, you remove it

w/ a pin.

What a silverfish of a joke.

What a wonderfully grotesque image.


copyright: C. Ward 2016


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