little worlds

“You live in your own little world. Yes you

do yes you do yes

you do yes you

do yes you do

yes you do.”

Yes, you do, too.

We all do:

We live in our own little worlds with

our own little limitations

lain out as ‘dreams.’

So when we cry at night

(-if- we cry, if we’re capable),

we cry alone to the walls of our boxes:

our monster cages.

Here piggy, piggy: Dinnertime.

Breakfast, Lunch, and bedbedbed.

Always locked away

in our own

individual respective planet…

But…when we try to live

in the same little world,

like make sense to one another in a

shared reality,

instead of crying alone at night,

a common behavior:

to yell at one another

or wage war upon ‘opposing force.’


when people are united

we must make DIVISIONS!

Because, let us not mince words 


For some reason

it only takes 2 to make a ‘mob’

in terms of “mob mentality”—

Look at Bonnie and Clyde.

We are just sometimes

too fragile to deal 

with even our own little world.

People make one another

psychotic (if they’re lucky

enough to not have to worry

about making

their own person—>demented.).

Be careful what 

you do with your little world:

both within and from without.

It’s dangerous…look at

the witch of the East.

I mean, whose World was that?



copyright: C. Ward 2016


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