pieces of joy / pieces of woe

​pieces of joy/ pieces of woe

Let this be prosthetically prophetic:

when you come to me it will be

a mixture

of goodness and badness:

like Jesus.

It will never be

some perfect Heavenland

grounded here in matter

on Earth; that is our impediment.

Yes, it’s there to overcome—

but we cannot attain ‘divinity’:

  We are


When I’m with you, we have moments

of Heaven on Earth

 in flashes:

the true definition of “happiness;”

it comes in and out like tides (for

some), for others, it zaps

like occasional

lightning bolts;

you have to be standing

   just so.
So I know

coming together we will have both

 pieces of joy and pieces of woe.
This doesn’t mean we are not “happy.”

 A lot of people take it this way.

A pair of creatures, woodland, running, playing,

  would just take it

  for what it is. 
It’s because we attach this word “happy”

and “unhappy” to things, and it’s simple,

(I don’t know why) 

To dismiss it all as -un.

It’s everyone’s fucking expectation of failure.

and also bc happiness comes

in flashes; it is the closest thing to Divinity;

language appointed it/ made it this way. 

It makes everything unattainable.

Our expectations have become too high.
If a happiness, I mean happiness—

not contentment, a good daily existence,

and certainly not complacency, the worst

existence (a prison

of self / habit : dead – daily – basis)—

these intermittent flashes and tides of happiness,

mixed w/ an inspired/ contented

self – daily – life

is still not enough:

—-Then you are just stuck.
One must be able to self-inspire

And have the spark of Web-of-Nature: 

The Universe’s Brethren
“Happy” implies:

  a life of forever;

a feeling of joy that lasts forever, just

 -because of that fuzzy definition.

It has not quite

had a finger put on it…
So we think we’re ‘unhappy’

because of linguistics

and a naturally pessimistic

human tendency the majority of us

display currently.

We’re happy, we just have to remember.
A flash moment (I guess) is

easy to forget.

I know I’m happy with you.

And with myself.

There are so many lightning-

  struck moments—–uncountable.

But, that’s the idea.

To collect them like trading cards

and be buffered up all over

with your


‘good’ and ‘bad’

scars of joy—
all of our states of emotions

 (our minds) contingent

upon other people’s lives.

And yet

through all of this…

I’m ashamed, because we

 forget: we think

the Universe means 1 for man,

 when really it’s just

 words again.

And it makes us forget/

prevents us

from an inclusive love.
If you looked at other creatures—

yes, like I do—you’d

remember the connection

and the way we all live

 together: chasing milliseconds of joy,

food and shelter, and the basic relation

of real love

(once you recognize it).
So, my dear, that I love, 

when you come to me,

it will be real life:

‘happy’ and ‘unhappy.’



copyright: C. Ward 2016


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