You won’t be trusted if you’re not ‘around’
to make regular, pointless,

cameo appearances:

To check in with the masses.

Only if you’ve ever been seen

(because now you’re there forever).

They don’t believe you

if they don’t see you;

it’s just a chance to throw dirt upon you.

No one from the past

who used to see me now believes me:

just because they don’t fucking see me.

There are only eyes, apparently.

Not memories or minds now.

So fuck you guys.

I am some post to whip now

because someone fucked something


and just because I know

everything about everyone involved

and I’m the one who walked away,

this little party is banded together

to brand me a leper:

But since you see them with your 

eyes, it means more to you 

than my uncalculated

warranted truths.

I’ll keep going through this.

It allows me the knowledge

that at least

I’m a NON-hurtful lunatic,

who attempts 

to teach my lessons . . .

rather than

hide them and attempt 

to throw them on others.


copyright: C. Ward 2016


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