shame smile

​[I] Smile at strangers with my best

shame-smile. Looks like I’m ashamed

to know them, really am just abashed

to see them looking at me with their

stranger’s eyes, and I feel taken

to foreign objects. Sour and disagreeable.

I run on tip-toe to secretly spy, see

who awaits around the corner of the

wall, and what is one expected to do,

when they’re caught red-handed being

under-handed and publicly ridiculous:

you caught me literally

running away

to the other side of the corner of the 

wall, all so that you wouldn’t see me

at all, and now you know that I’m terrified

without, perhaps, understanding the terror

at its barest root, as a plain-and-simple

“I am a person given to terror

from taking to objects I do not know.”

copyright: C. Ward 2016


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