the flourishing kingdom of broken dreams

(here is the written poem to my 1st live-reading)

He likes to be didactic
and guide himself

by his bad memories,

because his good memories leave him terrified;

they dislodge him from his life.

His bad memories, however,

provide legitimacy to his present moment.

They put

the ‘M’

in meaning.

The bad memories are comforting.

The bad memories are freedom.

He does not

yearn to recover these little

moments lodged in bad memory.

He lives

in a kingdom

built up upon

the skeletons of short-comes.

The outcomes

of short-cuts from apathy


today is better than

yesterday, then tomorrow

will be better than today.

And the morrow next,

and so forth…

A daisy-chain of success.

The formula

for progressive success

Is a kingdom built on broken dreams,

layered in parfait-style mess.

Like a ritual foundation of broken funeral dish.

The toppest dream

shall flourish

at the lazy expense of

a daisy-chain of aborted dreams.
Nobody carries a full-term dream.

They take the seed and prune the tree.


copyright: C. Ward 2016


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