Jack & the Mermaids of Neurosis

(live-reading 11-22-16)

Is it better inside the


the Jack-in-the-Box with 

no keys and no locks: because

Jack is boxed by

something intangible.

Not that simple.

You can’t put your hands around

Mary’s Holy dirigible crashed underwater

filled up with water

housing a mermaid of feverous


Boxed in by water-pressure:

It’s a work-out

for Jack

to pop out of the box.

Water weighs more than neurotic mermaids.

“Down w/ the mermaids!

They belong underwater!”

So push them under

away from the thunder/and the light/

and deprive them of oxygen

and legs

and keep them Holy

and in perfect boxes–for you.

Like Jack.




copyright: C. Ward 2016


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