suffocated in the heat

when does this

paved path of shadows 

that jump up at night, just to grab at your random ankles

to trip you: end?

I’d like to turn left. Or right. 

Either way, give me an intersection.

Preferably a 4-way that hides a secret doorway. 

Get me out of this house made of roads.

It’s still a box.

It’s still a building.

It’s still of messy, wrecked-up milding…

What is this thing

“when a door closes, a window opens?”

or something like that?

So i’m jumping out the tiny window 

that no one even knows is there, they think

they’re outside–already.

Breathing in the “fresh, fresh, air.”

Fuck it, it’s fair. We live here. it’s where.

But we covered the Earth in concrete

and now it chokes and sputters meat

and i don’t eat meat, and I am

almost 100%

of certainty

that a bio-sphere entity

eats organic-energy.

Not the meat of our ever tromping, spluttering feet.

But since it can no longer breathe, 

we dress it up like some strip-mall in

heat so it is identical homogeneity.

It sweats and suffocates in the heat. -clw  12-7-16


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