I loved you,
it was–

it has been.

But you love then

revoke the past,

like candy from the hands

of children:

orphans in a land of lavishness.

To let them suffer slowly, & starve–

watching candies melt. (whatever that means)
But he loves

despite everything, orphaned

to his madness.

And due to this state

I had to break him:

But all the candies were always mine.

A stupid piñata with candy inside.

What better way to hide?
And everything is done so

surreptitiously, and in 

the faces of others:

But I just do everything


there is no space or room for lies.
So 99% of others deal

in fucking lies–but

how simply

we can point our fingers

at one Honest man and call him a liar:

Because he deals in things so

differently. So criminalize him.
What better way to keep it up?

Than persecute the innocent

and call them insane. “All in a day. All in a day.” Every day

why do I have to throw myself 

on a fucking stake because

no one else wants to do it.



the only excuse I can think of.

I won’t deign to say

they’re too stupid to see it. -clw 


copyright: C. Ward 2016


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