circulatory system

We talk in circles because we can’t talk in lines.
History: the repetition of circles 

in time.

We talk in circles for

days at a time (I guess our

expectations aren’t that high),

and guess what! These days have turned

into years; and I’m not made of gears,

I can only speak for me.

What I know about 

you though is


you flex your

muscle, your heart shrinks a little bit more.

And so does your sense of self-proportion:

and you look 

more and more like a child in revolt,

temper-tantrum’ing towards his mum

(posturing a juvenile semblance of


Let us try not to

Speak in a circle:

an enclosed unit to nowhere.

There is a reason for the

circulatory system

and why it stays closed

to preserve the self.

Yet it all stays inside–the blood

remains hot, contained, and

radiant: within.


let’s try something radical

and break

the mother-fucking circle.

Let all the blood out

and flow somewhere else together.



copyright: C. Ward 2017


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