End of Ends

​End of ends

Lights out–


Game over.

(Beseechment to the light as it darkly descends)



A break in the bend.


The absence of light was never an end.

It switches w/ a flip.


When the most common 


is inverted

  (we bend),

sometimes it feels like an absence/

an end.

But the kinks come out natural-like


impends in the scheme of begonias

and taxis

(and trams).


Patterns being re-arranged give way

to new arrangements

(a well-spring

of engagements in the summertime).


Light goes down to subtle darkness,

the banging of the pots and pans


w/ little trips to the store–


 is the darkness they write of in legends.

The true

“End of ends.”


Despite that, there is

        only dream

in the dark.

There is dream in the dark to be had.



copyright: C. Ward 2017

crickle-bot publishing


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