I want to be empty for a while
but I am too full of 

after-shocks and divergences.

I want to be a man

washing windows in a suit

thinking about literal

dirt on a window.

What am I saying?

  see, that’s the problem.

. . . i don’t know

     right now.

And a window-washer has more important things

 to think about.

All the families, solitude, roustabouts

  and experiences

  presented to the mind therein:

There is a job conducive to 

psychological insight.

You could use the insight

for ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

You could be an artist, a profiler, 

a serial killer- if you

acknowledge the psychology.

Just get your intentions straight.

I don’t believe any man is born evil,

or can cast their flaws

forever on after-shocks that caused a divergence;

must converge divergences.

The mindscape terrain is ever-molten:


So why would we want 

our intent to be evil?

I guess I believe in hell.


copyright: C. Ward 2017



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