Bill of Stars

There is a bill of stars in the star-spangled sky.

Like a bill of rights that shines on high.

It is not fixed–we are heliocentric,

but what is this?

Just an eccentric bio-entity in an

expansive expression of pervasive divinity.

Hush, baby

Go to sleep.

Count the sheep. Count the sheep.

No altering the Bill of Stars;

it circulates around something purposeful

in orbits that are altered

by a bio-mechanism.

I mean, we can interpret the meanings, 

apply sciences, and call the suns stars,

or the stars suns: but

none of that


the facts of objective reality

(there truly is one).

We will never see objectivity.

Having a consciousness also

curses us to subjectivity.

It’s hard to view the Uinverse as a bio-entity.

Because there is not body for our sciences

to study.

Well, that bio-entity is my God.

Thank you, God, literally,

for an unconscious-self to leave the life decisions to.

I doubt I’d ever think to breathe.

Or give my heart a beat.

These are thoughts we just can’t think’

we are not equipped because

our minds have moved away from


And then it’s like

we have dark thoughts of dying, just

by being disconnected from the

organic process of pumping 

our own blood,




copyright: C. Ward 2017

crickle-bot publishing


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