Fools value only composition or chaos.
Well-balanced nutrition requires both;

it is important to state your opinions

as opinions–

I think

only The Fool can state

anything he wants in any way.

We are just mentioning him as

an aside (to distinguish

his sharp

psychology from the pack

of fools

who crave a controlled-inflicted-suffering

to gaze upon, for fucksake).

But there are no more 

“get-your-fix’ins” executions/

Crucifixions or public stonings/

Olympians fighting to the death for

the weird


(which I don’t get).
Welcome to the Amphitheatre.

The seats are all surrounding.

The weapon is malnutrition. 

The spectacle: starvation.

Two are pitted against each other.

One dies first. Who wins?
I don’t even know 

what the point of


in the form of sadistic spectacle is.

But that desire is embedded 

in that one-minded type:

not The Fool, but those fools who

prefer composition

over chaos or chaos 

over composition.
They are in the ring, dying

of starvation

from malnutrition due to an 

 unbalanced lifestyle.

  and diet.



copyright: C. Ward 2017

crickle-bot publishing
(image: google image/ edited by C. Ward)


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