Jungle Gym

If my life were a book 

it would be 

built of a million picture books.

Books already thought up by others, 

bound up in leather and shown to me:

so I could see what they had seen

(but rendered in pictures I’ve stripped of vocabulary).

For, words are very finicky.

The mix of all the meanings.

So I’ve been inside most of my life 

but I see 

all these ‘things’ I build from.

We all have a solid, 

base, foundation.

But we need NEW images,

NEW sounds, NEW touch.

So after we’ve eaten 

all these books that were written, 

what might we utter?


We are grown from our thoughts 

and the stories 

of others:

History, geography, etcetera.

Do not get entangled 

in linguistic misleadings.

These words are loaded weapons, 

dominating pure impressions.

If you can somehow 

strip your stories 

of the treacherous burrs 

and sickness of words 

and cast it all into 


The words will become new again.



copyright: C. Ward

crickle-bot publishing


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