this time last year

This time last year,

I was operating within shifted param

The crack in the west wall was 

The house was the same / barely less ragged, 

but it wasn’t the same.

This time last year, it was raining (still)

Earth was operating within 

ever-shifting imposed-on parameters,

closer to death–but not so close 

as it is this year:

Sick and untreated; contagious–

and fighting off 

its parasites 

to live.
This time last year, 

we hadn’t met–yet.
The people I knew (then)  I

never knew–including the ones I grew up

with. They were knit.

I can’t be a stitch;

I’m a seamstress…

I take stitches to stitch with.

I got sick.

This time last year, 

you were somewhere else… 

operating within a shifted time zone.

Maybe in the kitchen.

Surely the same, but 

slightly changed: as this 

was this time, last year.

And this time this year,

I am operating within an extremely shifted 

and radical framework 

that dictates the 


of my behaviors (now).

And I know you / 

and you know me.

We make new seams together.

But this time next year 

and every year at this time,

I will be reminded of when everything shifted 

like fractals 

last year 

and turned into magnetic friction 

against my skin 

for no reason.

There is an association there.

I just can’t disassociate.

Why are memories 

more moving than moments?

I’ll answer my own question:

Because they’re in your mind.

Everything ends up 

inside your mind.



copyright: C. Ward 2017

-crickle-bot publishing


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