King of Death-Trap

You are 

the well-wrought sadistic-machine / in the Death-Trap 

that rams the walls and 

nearly levels us: the cause 

of some disruption.

You are that 

out-of-control person in the crowd 

that turns the protest 

to a lockdown.
It is 

your lack of belief 

in what you believe 

and your decision to focus on misery 

that keeps you

King of Death-Trap.

Death-Traps exist for a reason.

To keep detriments 

from escaping such sanctuary.

Fuck your detrimental trap.

I go in and out of there.

I’m kind of like a visitor (but) you’re 

a tank, a prisoner 

because the Trap is your mind.

And all walls 

are made 


be it wood, rock, dirt, thought, 

      or synthetically. 
So sadistic, well-wrought tank machines 

  can knock them down

  (themselves) (or) (just) (be) 

stupidly stayed stuck, 

held hostage 

as a menace to society

b/c you think of things 

    you think of things 

and think the World is yours.



copyright: C. Ward 2017

– crickle-bot publishing 


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