Insiders & Outsiders 

We are all
Insiders and Outsiders

lining a mysterious piece of plexi-glass

that acts as our ‘defense against’

(or window to) a vaster plane

beyond a fence.
But we’re not allowed to go outside.
So, some of us, we theorize about

what lies beyond the greener grass

in the darkness past this

floppy piece of plexi-glass–

Or focus on a Future,

or dwell on our pasts…but…


we’re on a map.
There is no time.

Just moments

make memories

since conception / subconscious:

creates identities.
We need to be

of the Creed of Delicacy

to make one another’s selves


To break the chains of Slavery.
Insiders and Outsiders, stuck

behind a piece of glass,

looking out at the beauty that

-truly- resides in the facts

of that Mystery:

the vast, endless tapestry of limitless theory

we’re aching to make into fact.
That just drains it of its dignity…

let the Universe lie it its mystical secrecy;

give it some privacy. Respect.
Well, here, inside,

(on Earth), we are trapped.

Pinned to the fact that we contribute

to each other.

We make up these maps.

Love-zaps / finger-taps / it connects

( giving back ).

Since a consciousness is conceived,

this is how a ‘man’ is made,

and why the self’s like lemonade made from

lemons, and sugar, just right:

and every little cup is different to such

a subtle degree,

down to a single sucrose particle.
No one can interfere with such



How much of ‘We’ is Fated?

It’s too subconscious;

I like this question.
So, the scientists

they’re stuck inside.

But they’re mixin’ up these


somethings are better

left alone.

I think this is our last Mystery.

And we need it.

It’s our

Last Hope.

It keeps us on our toes.

is how you go outside,

you just love and let it go.

Because it’s only plexi-glass.

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist,

but it takes more than, say, a baseball-bat.

Just use all of your consciousnesses. -clw 7-3-17

copyright: C. Ward 2017

-crickle-bot publishing


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