the laughing 

Dust mites 

seem right, 

because they eat what the dead shed.

But they leave allergens/ 

cause allergic reactions;

biological toxins.

Tiny dusty arachnids…

I’m a distraction trying to function.

It’s not so simple.

My mind’s all disrupted from

always reacting.

Even in sleep, just within dreams:

always reacting.

A fucking reaction.


have you ever wondered 

where this ‘action’ we’re ‘re’ to

is, or was, or

why we can’t stop?

When I was in school  the teachers

had to separate me

 from myself,

 to stop the laughing

 stop the laughing

 stop the laughing;

they weren’t in on  the Joke,

 I guess. 


copyright: C. Ward 2017

-crickle-bot publishing


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