an idiot’s dreams 

my dreams have started up again.

But they’re so lame:

an idiot’s dreams.

Anyone could envision these things.
Two nights ago, I dreamed

a mundane occurrence that had already occurred.

What does that confirm?
Is there some sort of secret

lesson to learn by living

the most boring moment

Like the Virtue of Patience?

Or a Quarry of Mirth?
All I can say is

I did check to make sure that

said incident had actually

occurred on the Earth.
Check 1 for ‘Reality.’:

the weird ambience of Trash 

and trails of lights left over in skies.
These are the inventive highs;

my current dreams 

are failing me 


They are obscuring Prophecy. (no.) Maybe

I’m just reading

wrong. Like

the first time you

hear your favorite song on your

favorite album, but

it makes no sense 

until you’ve heard it a few times.
Let me hear that song a few more times,

and maybe I

can tell you the notes.

Tell you the code to this


I know it

by heart/

I need to de-code & process:  this.

Whatever ‘this’




copyright: C. Ward 2017

– crickle-bot publishing


2 thoughts on “an idiot’s dreams 

  1. This feels like most of the dreams I have had with a deeper meaning than the actual imagery entails. I have often been between the conflicting idea that some of these dreams are actually visions, but that’s just me! If I am indeed, I am honored to be the first to comment!

    Liked by 1 person

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