​rubber-soles reroute the lightning (lightning-bolt psychology) 

Turn on the garbage disposal, to dispose of me properly. I’m getting the sweethell out of this mockery, The honkytonk and honky talkey, we’re climbing the walls/we’re doing the dishes We’re making some order. We’re making some order. “Can I take your order?” No thank you, lady. Here are my hands, with the blood of … More ​rubber-soles reroute the lightning (lightning-bolt psychology) 

Jack & the Mermaids of Neurosis

(live-reading 11-22-16) Is it better inside the Life-in-the-Box the Jack-in-the-Box with  no keys and no locks: because Jack is boxed by something intangible. Not that simple. You can’t put your hands around Mary’s Holy dirigible crashed underwater filled up with water housing a mermaid of feverous neurosis. Boxed in by water-pressure: It’s a work-out for … More Jack & the Mermaids of Neurosis