Lita Grabs Glory

      Lita walks slowly down the alley, and walks into a townhouse. The townhouse shines in gleeful Glory, and Lita shuffles inside. As she pushes the doors apart, she sees the glimmer of a thousand glories. She thinks to herself of Heaven, and grabs a chunk of garish Glory. It melts in her hands, … More Lita Grabs Glory

an idiot’s dreams 

Finally my dreams have started up again. But they’re so lame: an idiot’s dreams. Anyone could envision these things. Two nights ago, I dreamed a mundane occurrence that had already occurred. What does that confirm? Is there some sort of secret lesson to learn by living the most boring moment 2x? Like the Virtue of … More an idiot’s dreams 

King of Death-Trap

You are  the well-wrought sadistic-machine / in the Death-Trap  that rams the walls and  nearly levels us: the cause  of some disruption. You are that  out-of-control person in the crowd  that turns the protest  to a lockdown. It is  your lack of belief  in what you believe  and your decision to focus on misery  that … More King of Death-Trap

caloric energy

I’m surrounded by the screaming of the infirm.  That’s it.  I can’t work like this. Every time I plan something–   every time I think / he screams. But I’m grounded by my dreaming of the absurd. You know what, no. I lose days on you,  enduring your abuse: confused  (to you) as gender-specific  bullshit … More caloric energy

Headless Horseman 

I am the Headless Horseman I’ll lead you to the bridges. I’ll be your burning,  guiding flame  and watch you  count your wishes as  you run from Witches that don’t exist– the phantoms  are in your cortexes. This flaming gourd  where once did sit  my face  is the real disgrace  of traitors. You think you’re … More Headless Horseman 

Jungle Gym

If my life were a book  it would be  built of a million picture books. Books already thought up by others,  bound up in leather and shown to me: so I could see what they had seen (but rendered in pictures I’ve stripped of vocabulary). For, words are very finicky. The mix of all the … More Jungle Gym

rubber-soles reroute the lightning (lightning-bolt psychology)

Turn on the garbage disposal, to dispose of me properly. I’m getting the sweethell out of this mockery, The honkytonk and honky talkey, we’re climbing the walls/we’re doing the dishes We’re making some order. We’re making some order. “Can I take your order?” No thank you, lady. Here are my hands, with the blood of … More rubber-soles reroute the lightning (lightning-bolt psychology)