the ivory mask

We are both from broken-homes: mine was built intentionally from bits of things (defensively), and yours took form organically over years and years, the way that nails grow, but wildly and ghastly to entomb you. What is A Glass House and an Ivory Tower? My Glass House is a greenhouse, too, and I can interact … More the ivory mask

​rubber-soles reroute the lightning (lightning-bolt psychology) 

Turn on the garbage disposal, to dispose of me properly. I’m getting the sweethell out of this mockery, The honkytonk and honky talkey, we’re climbing the walls/we’re doing the dishes We’re making some order. We’re making some order. “Can I take your order?” No thank you, lady. Here are my hands, with the blood of … More ​rubber-soles reroute the lightning (lightning-bolt psychology) 

circulatory system

We talk in circles because we can’t talk in lines. History: the repetition of circles  in time. We talk in circles for days at a time (I guess our expectations aren’t that high), and guess what! These days have turned into years; and I’m not made of gears, I can only speak for me. What … More circulatory system


I loved you, it was– it has been. But you love then revoke the past, like candy from the hands of children: orphans in a land of lavishness. To let them suffer slowly, & starve– watching candies melt. (whatever that means) But he loves despite everything, orphaned to his madness. And due to this state … More kamikaze


  Turned back. I am splitting wood w/ my teeth; would you spilt wood w/ your teeth? I would. Backwards, even Hands unfolded. Don’t fold your hands, neurosis.  This is not mid-springtime, this is not mid-winter, this is not your summertime: This is the dead of the line, the lively note/the binding tie. Perhaps it’s … More unicycle