the ivory mask

We are both from broken-homes: mine was built intentionally from bits of things (defensively), and yours took form organically over years and years, the way that nails grow, but wildly and ghastly to entomb you. What is A Glass House and an Ivory Tower? My Glass House is a greenhouse, too, and I can interact … More the ivory mask

the thorn trees

Torn by thorn tips because we dragged each other through thorn-trees, always with the intention of torture. With us, that war was necessary. Although it was done amateur and chaotially. The result is we’re beyond the unresolved sadistic intentions to inflict misery. But now we’re caught up    in a thorn-tree. I guess fucking angels … More the thorn trees

as bulbs go

I detest the stress of this mess and only want what’s best. But I’m a guest–my observations are incorrect and everyone is on the defense: pretending that we’re friends. Who instilled this climate of social paranoia in the sad and disenfranchised rest? Eyes are meant to shine and vie for life: always madder for more … More as bulbs go

Boondocks Land

“Boondocks Land” In the end, “the Boondocks” did win, though we all had our bearings on compass until then. Paths drawn on maps, over highways and bridges, through the valleys of mountain ridges. But the map got a crack, in the crease, from the folding and folding and folding again. It happened from paths untrodden. … More Boondocks Land

King of Death-Trap

You are  the well-wrought sadistic-machine / in the Death-Trap  that rams the walls and  nearly levels us: the cause  of some disruption. You are that  out-of-control person in the crowd  that turns the protest  to a lockdown. It is  your lack of belief  in what you believe  and your decision to focus on misery  that … More King of Death-Trap

caloric energy

I’m surrounded by the screaming of the infirm.  That’s it.  I can’t work like this. Every time I plan something–   every time I think / he screams. But I’m grounded by my dreaming of the absurd. You know what, no. I lose days on you,  enduring your abuse: confused  (to you) as gender-specific  bullshit … More caloric energy

this time last year

This time last year, I was operating within shifted param eters. The crack in the west wall was  shorter. The house was the same / barely less ragged,  but it wasn’t the same. This time last year, it was raining (still) Earth was operating within  ever-shifting imposed-on parameters, closer to death–but not so close  as … More this time last year